Goals + Hermann Park pics

So I’ve realized that people go about their resolutions all the wrong way. Listing them out, making some crazy prediction for the YEAR – when most of us can barely accomplish something in just a day. I’ve actually gotten a lot done and it hasn’t been because I was looking at my list. I just made it a point to be productive every day – in whatever big or small task that meant. Basically, what I’m saying is, F YOU list. Look at what I’ve gotten done. Some of it just so happened to be part of that list in my last post…

No sodas
No Starbucks since three Mondays ago [seriously, this is huge] Eating mostly unprocessed food
Cooking at home [like every night – who am I anymore??] Setup long-term savings acct [adulthood] Created budget for 2015 [extra-adulthood] Shred all credit cards [BOOM.] I’ve worked out almost 10 days into the new year
Finished temporary website – and it’s mildly responsive, cool!
Updated resume, LinkedIn, Twitter
Haven’t had beer for almost a month [does this mean I have to trash my beer-snob tank?! – no.] I’ve been blow drying my hair more [considering my new years started off with some heartbreak, I know all girls can feel me on this.]

So I think I’m going to go about my resolutions differently. Maybe one goal for the week. While I still continue to maintain these other habits. That’s a lot of work for a person.

Goal this week? Follow up with Comcast on cancelling my cable. I called last week, but apparently this isn’t going to be as easy as I thought. Second goal – start a Treehouse course.

I’ll end my post with a few gorgeous pictures of the newly renovated Hermann Park. Talk to y’all on the flippity flip.







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