Curious Cocktail

Perhaps because I did good yesterday, and opted for productivity over a Sunday Funday, I’m already craving Thursday happy hour this early in the week. Reminiscent – my mom and I ordered our fave cocktail at Beaver’s last week and y’all. You must try it. It’s called Curiouser & Curiouser – it’s vodka, lemon, peach, bitters and a little bit of sweet syrup – it’s so yummy. I usually prefer citrus-y flavors that are less sweet, but this one is an exception. And if you’ve never been to Beaver’s, period, you’re really missing out. It’s amazing. Their menu is full of unique dishes and innuendos. What’s not to like?

curiouser and curiouser drink Beaver's Houston

Can we talk about how I haven’t watched tv in 6 weeks? Or 5? I could count but I’m too tired. The last three weeks I haven’t blogged anywhere near as much as I had planned [thank you work, oy.] – but regardless I’ve still been honest to this challenge. And I really do intend on blogging more regularly. Truth time – building a habit is hard.

I have thoughts to share on what I’ve enjoyed most during this challenge, but that will have to wait until I feel like I can write something half-way decent! And I still have pictures to post of the Bayou City Art Fest this weekend. So I’ll be back tomorrow for that. I hope everyone had a great Monday!

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