Karbach Brewing Co.

Hello y’all – let’s talk craft beer. I’ve been a St Arnold’s fan for a very long time…however I have to say that as of recently Karbach has stolen my heart. Lovestreet. Need I say more? My coworkers and I decided to visit the brewery a few Saturdays ago and BOY OH BOY, I have some things to report.

Is it a bucket-o-fun? ABSOLUTELY. Is it a smart place to visit at noon on a Saturday the first weekend of August. Negative. I’m sorry, but I’ve literally never sweat so much in my life. Unless you’re planning to visit on a Thursday afternoon/evening (hello Karbach¬† running club)…mid-day is just not a good move here in Htown. Maybe if you wear your bathing suit. Or if you’re coming from just running a marathon, in which case your clothes are already soaked…

Regardless, this troop sucked it up and made the most of a sunny, hot, day. I mean after all…we had craft beer! And bagpipes! See pics below.

Karbach Brewing Co.

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