Less than 10 days left

I can’t believe there are less than 10 days left in my challenge. Truth time – the challenge is still going strong; my blogging, however, is not. My days at work have been super stressful (and long) and some other stuff has been going on to keep me distracted and a little bit down. So my last two weeks have involved – get home late, have a glass of wine (or 3) and bed time. If a workout happens at all, that’s huge.

I have pictures from the Bayou City Art Festival two weekends ago and from last weekend in Old Town Spring, visiting my sister’s booth at the Pet Fest, but I’m hardly in the mood to post them. I kind of just wanted this to be an easy post – where I don’t try to focus on editing photos, uploading them, thinking of the SEO traffic to this post, adding links, etc. This is the blog entry without any makeup.

So I’ve thought about what I would do after this challenge is over – and I think I’m good to try to continue without the reality tv – seriously, who am I anymore? What I miss the most is my late night shows. Jimmy Fallow and Conan/Andy…I definitely can’t wait for those after this challenge ends.

I won’t even say out loud that I’ve even thought about deleting my Facebook account recently…I’m sure I’ll think on it another few months before attempting to follow through. I don’t know where this desire to disconnect is coming from. Maybe I’m convinced that I (or my entire generation) is just wasting a little bit of their time on their phones. Or maybe I’m just enjoying building habits (for once, decent ones) and want to see what else I can do.

— Disclaimer — yes, blogging or being on Twitter or Instagram is similar to being on Facebook…but hey, one less is still better. And let’s face it. Facebook still prevails (for me anyways). I don’t spend nearly as much time on other social medias as I do Facebook.

Anyways, to the zero people out there reading this post, ha, I feel better having written something down. Yes, I’m still alive despite my lack of posts. Perhaps a blog schedule needs to be the next, true habit that I build. I hope everyone has a good Friday and weekend!


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