TV Strike – 3 weeks in the books

Y’all. THREE WEEKS. I have not watched any tv. I’m offish on day 23. And like one of my lovely Facebook friends pointed out, I can’t seem to stick to my ‘go to Starbucks less’ plan for even a DAY. It’s just sad.

Sometimes I realize I’m getting a little desperate with the tv sitch, like the other day when my coworker mentioned Real Housewives of New Jersey to me and I replied “OMG PLEASE TELL ME WHAT’S HAPPENING”. Or like tonight, when I was Face-timing with my sister and she was watching The Bodyguard and asked if I wanted to watch. SO I DID, for a few minutes, ha. It was the part where Kevin C. rescues Fletcher from the boat that’s about to explode?! Great part. Here I am, LOL. I crack myself up.

2014-09-25 20.43.05

Other than getting in a few minutes of ‘tv by association’ tonight, I helped my sister design a new logo for her pet photography business – Bark Out Loud. OH AND BY THE WAY, my sister has a pet photography business…as of 2-3 years? But she’s absolutely amazing and I’m sure she’ll unveil the new logo soon. You can follow her on Facebook and, at the very least, get daily pictures of adorable pups.

This week I also went to one of my favorite sushi restaurants. It’s in my TOP TWO places. Aka Sushi. Tuesday night was a random date night, but I’m so glad we went because it’s HALF OFF all bottles of wine. Naturally we had two. And some hot sake. And a mild headache the next morning. They have a normal happy hour, but we went too late for that. But we were there in time for the reverse happy hour – no greater thing, in my opnion.  Remember y’all – seriously amazing sushi, appetizers, atmosphere, service. #swoon

Pics below. I hope everyone have a fun weekend planned!

2014-09-23 20.38.32

2014-09-23 21.22.22

2014-09-23 20.52.55


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