The TV Strike Begins – Day 1

GOOD GOD – am I really committing to this? I look behind me and see a giant bedsheet draped over my beautiful, hand-me-down, 40-something-inch TV (thanks Pop!)…and so it begins.

I’ve thought about doing this for 3 months, and I can think of about 3 months worth of things that should be DONE by now, had I not been so distracted by Bachelors…Real Housewives…Teen Moms (eeesh).

Truth time – I’m so damn lazy y’all. Sometimes I’m home by 5 pm and don’t go to bed until midnight. That’s SEVEN HOURS. And what do I have to show for myself? Not enough.

So, other than adding another self-absorbed blog out into the web world, I’m going to challenge myself to not watch TV until the end of October. Why October? Well the end of September seemed like kind of a short challenge — I’m sure I will regret these words.

So I’m thinking the rules would go something like this —

  • Anytime that I’m at home, no TV. Not on weekends, not for just ‘one show’ – nothing.
  • I think going to see a movie in a theater would be allowed – I never do this much anyways.
  • And if I’m visiting family and their TV happens to be on, I think that’s fine.
  • Going out with friends is obviously unrelated – if anything, I hope this challenge forces me to go out and do even more things around the city.
  • Social media – I’m not replacing my TV time with extra Pinterest or Facebooking time. That defeats the purpose and also runs up my DATA USAGE.

I’m hoping this makes me more of a PRODUCTIVE person – seeing as how there are so many things I wanted to complete months ago that I haven’t even touched – finishing half-read books, learning more web design, working out more often, painting an old bookshelf, doing more things outside, and the list continuesssss.

So wish me luck. I’m risking my own sanity and boring my boyfriend to death. Hopefully this all works out positively. Stay tuned for Day 2…….unless I get really bored in about 5 hours.



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