TV Strike – Day 2

I had to get something written down…since I feel like a whole 12 people care if I’m sticking to this, ha!

I made it through the first day pretty easily. I had The Grove planned for that night in advance – and omg, y’all have two more Wednesdays to attend their Sundown at The Grove event. It’s very posh, and hello it’s only $15 to go. You get a flight of beers or two glasses of wine. And basically an appetizer buffet. I went back for seconds..

It’s hard to resist white tents and outdoor lighting – pics below.

Day 2 of this challenge wasn’t so hard since I worked my first full day since being off for Labor Day (OY I mourned having to be back in my cubicle). I got home afterwards, entertained one of my great friends for a while, and now for some strange reason I’m awake past midnight, which almost never happens, writing YOU PEOPLE.

Productiveness check-in (2 days in) –

  • I’m making a second blog post, TWO DAYS IN A ROW HEY! (usually they are few and far between – as in weeks in between)
  • Cleaned my apt
  • Hummed and sang out loud to myself…for hours.
  • Went through a giant stack of bills and PAID THEM (blarggg) — does anyone else accumulate massive mail stacks or is that just me?
  • Picked back up in the last book I half finished – Fifty Shades, the first book…yes that’s right. Last time I read a piece of this book I was on an airplane…and it was just all around awkward. For me and the gentleman who decided to TELL ME the title of the book I’m reading. #creep

Maybe it doesn’t sound like a lot…but hey! This is a marathon, not a race. I’ve still done more than I would have if…

…………**just realized that Project Runway came on tonight**………………….

…………**my whole body just SUNK**……………

Stay strongggggggggggg…ughhhhh….Heidi Klum…….Nina Garcia…………….fashion reality tvvvv……….

**heads to  bed before I drive myself crazy**

Night y’all!

2014-09-03 18.19.51

2014-09-03 18.19.42

2014-09-03 19.50.20

Extra pictures from my Labor Day/Galveston trip this weekend with my FAM —

2014-09-03 21.36.14

2014-09-03 21.37.56


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