TV Strike – Day 34

Thirty four days, guys! Cray. This past weekend is a little bit of a blur since I spent Saturday celebrating an awesome couple getting married and then all of Sunday getting over a hangover by drinking Bloody Mary’s. EEESH. I only captured one picture, true to form, over the weekend —- scratch that, a friend captured this one, of Darrell and I, at the wedding.

As for my TV Strike, I’m about to start the second book of Fifty Shades. For any people who haven’t read it, it’s not written very well (to no surprise), but I’m invested in the small, legit plot coursing through the book and might as well finish them. Redemption, however — I’m a few hundred pages into an ebook where I’m learning PHP/MySQL. #yayme

The rest of my spare time is spent working long hours at my job – so. over. it.

I hope y’all Mondays went well!

And OH! I thought this was a super cute hashtag when I stumbled across it #atStarbucks. If you look it up on Twitter there are great pictures of people posting along with it. I’ll be using it some days this week.

2014-10-06 22.28.38


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