TV Strike – Day 5

Happy Sunday everyone! I’m officially starting my mourning process for Monday – it’s my pattern.

I made it the entire weekend with ZERO tv, making it officially the end of day FIVE :) I officially have no idea what Teresa Guidice and Melissa Gorga are doing in their lives. AND IT FEELS WEIRD.

Thankfully, this weekend wasn’t too difficult since I was busy both days.  Exercised at the Y downtown and ran with my sister around River Oaks (‘dream running’, as we call it)…did some shopping on Saturday and hung out with family all day today. I went out last night and tonight I went to play Texas Hold’em at a local bar…this might become a new Sunday habit. Perhaps I was trying a little too hard to STAY AWAY from my apt this weekend to avoid temptation, ha.

This week, I look forward to doing the following:

  • Visiting a few new places in Houston, will keep you posted
  • Reading before going to bed
  • Starting in on myweb design books that have been collecting dust for a year

Funny…this little blog is making the week seem less miserable. I literally thought nothing could have that power…

Talk to everyone tomorrowwwww.



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