TV Strike – Day 6 – TRUTH TIME

Enough of this “I read tonight” shit – today was HARD. My first super, hard day.

I got home from work and had a rough Monday. The kind of day where you hate your job, and you feel like you work with a bunch of idiots. THAT kind of day. All I wanted to do was curl up on my couch with a bottle of wine and a bag of shredded cheese and lose myself in my favorite show, Bachelor in Paradise. [I bleed Bachelor-anything.]

BUT NO. I didn’t touch my remote. I sat on my couch in protest [of being productive] and stared at Instagram for an hour – not the point of this challenge.

I DID somehow get the energy to cook my lunches for the week – which took about an hour.

And then I decided to go out and get dinner by myself at a bar, and drink – ALSO not the point of this challenge.

So today was a little bit of a fail since I found myself trying to simply get away from my apt, to keep from watching TV.

SO THERE YOU HAVE IT FOLKS. I’m not perfect, like many of y’all probably thought, smh.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better! Goodnight!


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