TV Strike – Day 27 – Fall Shows

Hi everyone! Monday is almost. over. Yayyyyyyyy.

I’m writing this, firstly, to announce that Fall shows 2014 have started – because this is news to you all, of course. Scandal, Parenthood, How to Get Away with Murder (new show, this one hurts), NASHVILLE. Gah. And many more.

I’ve surprisingly been OKAY with giving up reality tv, I hardly miss it?! BUT THE FALL SHOWS. I will have a catch up day or seven in November where I catch up with my favorite series.

Thinking out loud – I feel like I could keep going with not watching reality tv after this challenge ends (WHO AM I ANYMORE). Good question y’all. I don’t have a damn clue. But it’s kind of crazy what you get used to.

Tomorrow I’m making my own coffee AT HOME, BEFORE I GO TO WORK, and I’m pretty sure this will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. For sure. #toomuch #notvnostarbucksnopulse

I’ll be back this week guys. BUH-BYE.


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